Andover Educators is the home of Andover Educators, a not for profit organization of music educators committed to saving, securing, and enhancing musical careers by providing accurate information about the body in movement. Andover Educators use an innovative and specific technique called Body Mapping to enhance musicians’ abilities and to help those in pain or discomfort. Clear, concise, and practical information about how the body moves in order to make music is presented in the course “What Every Musician Needs to Know About the Body” or you can learn more about Body Mapping in private lessons with an Andover Educator.

Andover Educators train musicians and music educators to accurately support and enhance movement in practice and performance with the goal of increasing ease while reducing and eliminating injury. Andover Educators teach in colleges, universities, conservatories, and private studios throughout the world and offer professional development workshops for musicians and music educators.

All Andover Educators are musicians dedicated to helping other musicians and understand the struggles, both physical and mental, that musicians face in their careers. It is the hope of Andover Educators that this method of teaching will encourage wellness and enhanced performance among musicians.

Bridget Jankowski, President
Michelle Kunz, Vice President
Kerry Travers, Secretary
Cynthia McGladrey, Treasurer

Members At Large:
Judy Palac (Research Committee)
Vanessa Mulvey (Awards Committee)
Kelly Mollnow Wilson (Training Committee Liaison)

Ex-Officio / Director of Training / Immediate Past President
Amy Likar

Welcome to Andover Educators® Japan.

Andover Educators Biennial Conference 2015
Mapping Our Connections: Physically, Artistically, Professionally
June 18 – 21, 2015
Portland State University
Portland, Oregon

Pre-conference Training Sessions
June 16 – 17, 2015

There is a May 17th cut off date for reserving a room at the conference hotel at the discounted rate. If you need housing during the conference and have not made other arrangements, please be sure to reserve your room at the hotel before May 17th.
Conference Registration and Information

In the News

Licensed Andover Educator Dr. Heather Buchanan, Director of Choral Activities at Montclair State University, recently had an article published in the International Journal of Arts & Education. Read “The influence of body mapping on student musician’s performance experiences”.

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