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Sensory Tune-ups

Sensory Tune-ups: A Guided Journal of Sensory Experiences for Performers of All Ages

By Kay S. Hooper
AllSense Press

Ingenious, stimulating, dynamic, and easy-to-use, Sensory Tune-ups has been heralded as a wonderful tool for developing the important senses that musicians need to be fully expressive. The journal format offers simple yet probing experiments designed to heighten awareness of touch, hearing, vision and kinesthesia during practice and performance. Enhanced sensory engagement increases expressiveness, trains attention and reduces performance anxiety. Tuning in to sensory responses also aids free movement and improves technique. Challenging enough for professionals but equally accessible to students, Sensory Tune-ups fills a critical and often over-looked role in music education. No training is required to use this journal effectively – just open it, explore, and enjoy the learning!

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