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The Musician's Spirit

The Musician’s Spirit: Connecting to Others Through Story

By James Jordan
GIA Publications

This book is in its own way as astonishing as The Musician’s Soul and as revolutionary. I started reading it one night in the early evening and finished without interruption at 5am. I will read it many times before I fully understand it, not because it is difficult to read, but because it will take time to assimilate its meaning, especially since much of the meaning is carried in its design, accomplished by GIA’s brilliant Yolanda Duran. What’s it about? Just what the subtitle says, connecting to others through story. I see what Jordon is advocating in this book as remedy for the destruction caused by musicians’ envy as described and analyzed in The Musician’s Soul. It goes further, though. It could create a community of musicians in which music is allowed to work its full magic on the human spirit. I’m pleased to say that the volume also contains my poem New City on page 50. Recommended by Barbara Conable.

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