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The Breathing Book for Horn

The Breathing Book for Horn

By David Nesmith
Mountain Peak Music

A concise tutorial on the structures of breathing and their movement. Though written with horn players as the audience, all brass players will benefit. The Breathing Book for Horn will help you breathe better by dispelling “filling fantasies” and “movement myths.” When you breathe better, you play better!

“BRAVO David, on your new book, The Breathing Book for HORN! This is a fantastic new book that horn players should read and use each and every day! I am so excited to share this book with my colleagues and students. Thank you so much for all of this GREAT and useful information. You have used terms and illustrations that anyone can understand and use in their daily practice. I applaud you!!”

- Gail Williams
- International horn soloist; Horn Professor, Northwestern University

The Breathing Book series provides concise information about breathing and the means to apply this knowledge in musically meaningful ways. Each edition contains brief lessons with detailed illustrations and explanations. The reader is then directed to apply the information while performing a musical excerpt or exercise.

The Breathing Book series will help you to reliably produce the sounds you want, move free of tension and maximize your resonance and help you improve articulation, endurance and tone quality.

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