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Constructive Rest

Constructive Rest: The Audio Guide Series

By David Nesmith
SmartPoise Productions

A creative and highly effective approach to enhancing one’s practice of Constructive Rest. By listening regularly to the guides during CR, you will experience and benefit from the following eight primary intentions (based on and expanded from, Barbara Conable’s five tasks of CR.):

1. Encourage Integrated Body Awareness
2. Find Muscular Freedom (especially neck muscles)
3. Restore Breathing Integrity
4. Promote an Accurate, Adequate Body Map
5. Renew a Healthy Rapport with Your Environment
6. Think F. M. Alexander’s Directions
7. Practice the Whispered Ah
8. Nurture Healthy Non-doing, aka Inhibition

Current available editions include:

  • The Guide for Everyone
  • The Alexander Technique Edition: Directions
  • The Alexander Technique Edition: Whispered Ah
  • Constructive Rest On Airplanes

Future editions:

  • Constructive Rest: Sleep Constellations
  • The Body Map Edition: Balance
  • The Body Map Edition: Breathing
  • The Body Map Edition: Arms & Legs

“I have thoroughly enjoyed listening to your CD’s on Constructive Rest. The timbre and resonance of your voices, the excellent clarity of your word choices, the moments of stillness and pausing, are all beautifully rendered. I know that I will listen to these CD’s many times and be changed by them.”

- Meade Andrews
– Master Teacher of The Alexander Technique

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