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The Course

“What Every Musician Needs to Know About the Body” is designed to set each performer who takes it on a path of self-evaluation and change, in order that he or she may eventually arrive at a sensory-motor integrity sufficient to becoming and remaining free of injury and pain through a lifetime of performing with increasing pleasure and proficiency.

What You Will Learn

  • HOUR ONE: ABOUT MOVEMENT, YOUR SENSES, AND ATTENTION IN PLAYING AND SINGING. Training musicians’ movement by cultivating an accurate and adequate Body Map. Training sensory discernment and responsiveness. Training attention.
  • HOUR TWO: THE CORE OF THE BODY AND THE PLACES OF BALANCE. The spine; the balance of the head on the spine; the balance of the head and thorax on the lumbar vertebrae; the balance of the torso on the legs; balance at the knee; balance at the ankle; balance on the arch of the foot; and the balance of the arm structure.
  • HOUR THREE: YOUR FOUR ARM JOINTS AND HOW TO USE THEM. The four arm joints; the organization from the tip of the little finger to the tip of the shoulder blade; support for arm movement by a dynamic, lengthening and gathering core.
  • HOUR FOUR: THE MOVEMENT OF BREATHING. Mapping the structures of breathing and the movement of breathing, including a dynamic, lengthening and gathering core.
  • HOUR FIVE: YOUR LEGS AND HOW THEY MOVE AS YOU PLAY. The three leg joints; the organization of the musculature; support for leg movement by a dynamic, lengthening and gathering core; the reflex that gives us a spring in the step.
  • HOUR SIX: HOW TO. Individual work with instruments.

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