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You can join the growing body of music teachers sufficiently knowledgeable in the physiological and neurophysiological basis of music training to effectively convey crucial information to their students and colleagues.

Many musicians who take the Andover Educators course may find that they themselves are interested in becoming Licensed Teachers. Experience has shown that the best teachers of this vital information for musicians are themselves musicians. Music teachers can find their lives enriched by being part of a solution to a significant problem in the musical community.

Musicians interested in training are encouraged to join Andover Educators as a supporting member, to take lessons with a Licensed Instructor and to watch at least two different instructors present the What Every Musician Needs to Know About the Body Course. Additionally, we require a letter of recommendation from one of our Licensed Teachers in order for you to begin the training program.

Andover Educators Licensed Teachers are approved by Amy Likar, Janet Alcorn, Jennifer Johnson, Lisa Marsh, Stephen Caplan, and David Nesmith.

During training, students study the course texts, learn the historical context for Andover Educators both from a Music Education perspective and a Somatic Education perspective, study anatomy, observe the course being given by Licensed Teachers, take private and group training sessions with Licensed Andover Educators, develop materials for their own courses, participate in discussion and development of What Every Musician Needs to Know about the Body on-line through participation in a teacher and trainee list-serve, participate in conference calls scheduled to mentor trainees through the training process and develop their own playing with the principles of Body Mapping and other somatic disciplines.

The mission of Andover Educators is to put music training on a secure somatic foundation so that all musicians, amateur and professional alike, may play free of pain and injury and with increasing enjoyment and skill.

Course quality is maintained by careful initial selection of teachers, thorough training, continuing education, peer review, course evaluations, ongoing communication, and supervision.

Teacher courses and supervised teachings are approved by Amy Likar, Janet Alcorn, Jennifer Johnson, Lisa Marsh, Stephen Caplan, and David Nesmith. Trainees are permitted to train with Amy, Janet, Jennifer, Lisa, Stephen, and David in addition to other licensed Andover Educators and through self-study.

The content of the training is preparation for giving the course, What Every Musician Needs to Know about the Body®, and nothing else. The training is in no way Alexander Technique teacher training, even though Amy Likar, David Nesmith and several other Andover Educators are certified Alexander Technique teachers. Trainees are judged to be ready for licensure solely on the basis of their verbal skill in conveying information, the integrity of their visual aids, and their ability to demonstrate with their own instruments what is being taught.

By the end of the training, our teachers have new tools for teaching their private students and for effectiveness in their classroom teaching. Many are a valued resource for their colleagues who consult the Andover Educators about their injured or at-risk students. Schools of music are finding the presence of courses in injury prevention and efficient movement a recruiting asset and protection against the lawsuits students are beginning to bring against teachers and schools of music for failing to give the information to prevent injury.

For more information e-mail us at info bodymap org . Please include some information about yourself (musical background, degree information) and when you took our course and with whom.

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