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National Pastoral Musicians Conference

Post Expiration Date:  07/18/2019
Location: Raleigh, NC
Date/Time: July 16-18
Event For: Bridget Jankowski

Body Mapping: Mindfulness and Knowledge to Heal Body, Mind, and Soul will be presented as a mega-breakout at the National Pastoral Musicians Conference in Raleigh, NC on both Tuesday, July 16th and Thursdays, July 18th.

Body Mapping is a tool to help all musicians gain freedom and ease in their movement. This is important because movement creates music. Body Mapping teaches mindful movement coupled with accurate anatomical information about the body. Understanding and refining the body map gives musicians of every instrument the tools needed for easy and efficient movement with the potential to eliminate pain, discomfort, and technical limitations. The practice of Body Mapping also teaches musicians to have a heightened awareness of fellow musicians, the assembly, and the context and intention of the music. The anatomical information promotes healthy bodies; the application of the information feeds minds and souls.

Conference registration is required to attend.