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Australian Society for Performing Arts Health(ASPAH) Conference: ‘Lasting the Distance – A lifetime in the Performing Arts’

Post Expiration Date:  12/01/2019
Location: Arts Centre Melbourne
Date/Time: November 30 to December 1, 2019.
Event For: Jane Shellshear

WORKSHOP TITLE: Connecting with your blueprint for movement

PURPOSE: Methods to integrate correct anatomical concepts into kinaesthetic sensing and moving strategies are required in order to realise intended design function. Mapping the structures of the ‘hand’ in this session demonstrates this process as it operates throughout the body. Participants experience changes in movement quality due to new embodied understandings of structural design and are able to assess impact on movement health, performance and wellbeing.

APPROACH: Guided methods of investigation including observation, palpation, movement experiments and tactile exploration of anatomical models.