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Breathing Book for Singers

The Breathing Book for Singers

By Bonnie Draina
Mountain Peak Music

The purpose of The Breathing Book for Singers is to encourage more expressive and enjoyable singing through a deep understanding of the vocal instrument: the body in motion. Singers with a fluid physical awareness are liberated singers. Freed from nagging thoughts about “correct” posture or breathing, they can focus on the expressive and musical elements of singing. Artistic inspiration leads to taking just the right breath for each phrase. That breath honors the music while also honoring the body’s need for oxygen.

This book does not promote a specific breathing method or singing technique. Instead, it provides clear, practical information about the body so singers can breathe in any way they choose with greater ease and facility. Exploring the structures and movement of breathing from a Body Mapping perspective, this book offers a solid foundation that will benefit singing technique in any style, from classical to rock, jazz, or folk.

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