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Jane Shellshear

Jane Shellshear

B.Mus., Performance, University of Sydney
AUSTAT Certified Alexander Technique Teacher, 1994
Licensed Andover Educator, 2018

Region: Asia and Australia
Home State: New South Wales, Australia
Available for:  * workshops * individual lessons
Telephone: 00 61 2 4700 9084

Jane Shellshear studied piano with Elizabeth Green and Phillip Shovk while undertaking a Bachelor of Music in Performance at the University of Sydney. She continued postgraduate performance studies at the Royal Northern College of Music with Sulamita Aronovsky and in London with Irina Zaritskaya.

On returning to Australia her interest in performance disciplines led to gaining qualification as a practitioner of Alexander Technique and most recently as the first accredited Andover Educator resident in Australia.

As a music educator Jane has extensive knowledge in performance practice across mainstream genres and a depth of experience in instrumental teaching. Integrating this with a sophisticated approach to how movement and manner of physical use impacts upon performance gives her teaching a unique tone.

She is a member of the Australian Society for Performing Arts Healthcare and the Australian Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique.

Upcoming Events

Australian Society for Teachers of the Alexander Technique (AUSTAT) Conference presentation

Location: Victorian College of the Arts (VCA), Melbourne.
Date/Time: Sunday, 6th October, 2019.

FM Meets Body Mapping

What if FM Alexander himself had been able to seek help for his vocal problem with a Body Mapping teacher? In this workshop we’ll be using FM’s own words in Use of the Self to illustrate how to identify and address some of the mismapping he was experiencing. And by extension, many of the most common mismaps that interfere with giving direction and experiencing easier movement.

Australian Society for Performing Arts Health(ASPAH) Conference: ‘Lasting the Distance – A lifetime in the Performing Arts’

Location: Arts Centre Melbourne
Date/Time: November 30 to December 1, 2019.

WORKSHOP TITLE: Connecting with your blueprint for movement

PURPOSE: Methods to integrate correct anatomical concepts into kinaesthetic sensing and moving strategies are required in order to realise intended design function. Mapping the structures of the ‘hand’ in this session demonstrates this process as it operates throughout the body. Participants experience changes in movement quality due to new embodied understandings of structural design and are able to assess impact on movement health, performance and wellbeing.

APPROACH: Guided methods of investigation including observation, palpation, movement experiments and tactile exploration of anatomical models.

Student Comments

Body Mapping allows me to experience my performing as inclusive, expansive, intelligent and pleasurable.

This work is very inspiring. I found myself singing and the flow of air and sound was free and fluid - it was awesome!

The arm mapping is truly transformative for me at the piano.